unavailable releases

Alleypisser: Sult
Due to the interest generated by this release, it has now been reissued in a limited edition with different artwork and translated liner notes. I feel that the release is now presented in the form it always should have been.This release consists of two pieces of loud, crude electro-acoustics. With heavy focus on tape manipulation, the minimalist soundcollages are made even more abstract, almost broken up, yet still completely coherent. 
Single cassette, 2 editions, C29, 1st edition on real-time dubbed tapes, 2nd edition pro-dubbed tapes with inlays.

Alleypisser/Ashley C: Useless Knowledge/The Miracle

Alleypisser doles out a track of trance-inducing tape loops, sweeps of radio frequencies and heavy synth, which takes as much influence from ethnic music as contemporary noise. Ashley C presents a long recording of droning gritty bass that warps into a pseudo-tribalistic tape piece. Two very different approaches, yet they make perfect sense together.
Split release, single cassette, real-time dubbed C38.

Lettera 22: Time Collected

Italian duo Lettera 22 returns with a sublime follow-up to their last LP. On this release they seamlessly blend quiet field recordings and electro-acoustics with crushing harsh noise and blistering feedback. This is proof that they are the absolute forerunners in organic, dynamic noise today.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C24 with inlay.

Antonin Pagaille: Variations Sur Le Bonheur
This double cassette is a presentation of very diverse analog synthesizer music. It retains much of the old school experimentation of early krautrock and could easily appeal to followers of Conrad Schnitzler/Kluster, while mixing this with slow, sparse post-industrial soundscapes and maintaining a certain melancholy, creeping mood to the proceedings.
Double cassette, pro-dubbed C52+C36 with inlays.

Sewer Election: Att Rita En Massaker

Dan Johansson has been a mainstay in the international noise scene for a decade by now. The later years have seen him move away from his harsh noise beginnings and towards a more mature and far more uncomfortable sound. This release is based around raw sketches reworked into concise and crude pieces of menacing electro-acoustics. Mixing raw tape manipulation, harsh electronics, metal work, field recordings and the sounds of bodies and voices these recordings have a very human element - the person cannot be removed from the sounds.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C29 with inlays.

Concern: Crude Vignettes: Box-Harp & Speakers
The posthumous end to the end. Gordon Ashworth has been weaving beautiful drone tapestries for years now with his Concern project. This release still carries all of the marks of recordings coming from Gordon, but with a more electro-acoustic streak. As the title says, this is crude; mixing field- and location recordings with strong, raw tape manipulation, but it's not just crude - it's still just as haunting and beautiful as the Concern recordings before it.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C20 with inlays.

Francisco Meirino: An Unnecessary Nothingness

This release is hard to pin down. Francsico Meirino flawlessly mixes concrete field recordings with the most abstract sounds gathered from the field recordings themselves, but also from failing electronics, magnetic fields, room acoustics, raw drones. Francisco is nothing if not a virtuoso of source material. This is a journey through a shapeless world.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C20 with inlays.

Alleypisser: Skitser & ufƦrdigt materiale
This is the final Alleypisser release, after this it is no more. On here is a collection of four short pieces in various states of maturity; some are almost sketch-like in the crudeness and minimalism, while others are much more fleshed out manage to hold many elements in their relatively short time spans. The pieces span over pretty much the complete existence of the project and as such showcase things that were later developed further or completely abandoned. This release is in a very limited edition and will not be reissued.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C20.

Kam Hassah: Private Conversation vol. 2
A continuation of the series initiated with Volume 1 released last year, Matteo Castro returns here with a conceptual release based around a very pure and minimalist idea - the material on this release is composed with a focus on the location in which it was created, as the sound of reel-to-reel tape loops and field recordings are played back into empty rooms and recorded back onto tape, creating a hazy and isolationist collage, none-the-less ripe with details. The meticulous soundscapes Matteo is known for in the duo Lettera 22 go to the back as focus falls on the creation of heavy atmosphere.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C32 with inlays.

Orquere: Movements
Viktor Ottosson is behind this project and he's already know from a slew of amazing projects, but output from this project has been further between, yet no less focused. Orquere presents three pieces of mechanical industrial sound - not as in the genre, but sounds that seem to stem from an intensely industrialized palette. It is monotonous and cacophonous; operating in an area in between raw tape-based "noise music", the way Luigi Russolo might have enjoyed it, and focused, almost installatory, art music yet originating in the musical background that has also informed some of Ottosson's other projects.
Single cassette, pro-dubbed C42 with inlays.